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GAY guy into watching Str8 guys tear up some twat. Rough DP sex is pretty hot. It is only fun if you are sweating and have a hand print or claw mark somewhere on you by the time you shoot all over someones face! Pix of Muscles & Lean built big-dicked guys. Sometimes however a guy will make the cut who has something about him that just gets me off. The Pix are mostly amateur. They range from Pretty boy to Geek, Str8 to Gay. The pix are pix I re-blog or have found elsewhere on the net over time. I hold no copyright to any of them (and don't knowingly re-blog anything that's pretty obviously copyrighted). If you are pictured in a photo, or hold the copyright to it, let me know and I'll delete it ASAP. (Proper ID must be sent in e-mail to verify photo with personal data blacked out! Why? I had a straight friends GF pretend to be him & try to get me to remove the photo's she had no idea he asked me to post) Also, everyone pictured is over 18 or above to the best of my knowledge. If I have any doubt I make an effort to ensure that no pix of that sort are ever posted or on my page!


Jan 5, 2013
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Different kind of bull horn

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